BON Nutrition - Nutritional Therapy For Everyone

About BON Nutrition

BON Nutrition is a complimentary natural health care service founded by Trevor Butler. It specialises in helping people with pre-existing medical conditions through good nutrition and personalised plans. BON Nutrition caters for people of all ages and offers a very personal service with tailored solutions to the indiviual.

The Brief

To design a website and logo with a personal and family feel which promotes the nutrional services of BON nutrition. The site was to have an "approachable" yet professional feel focused on people with pre-existing medical conditons and a quick and easy contact method.

The Design

The end solution is a deliberately small site, who's content is centered on medical conditions and the benefits of nutritional therapy. I think the key message is on the personal nature of the service together with "the journey" that BON nutrition will take you on. It has an easy to navigate structure and clrearly defined contact points.